The writers

The Canines of Character project would not be possible without the hilarious monologues written by Alex Bogdanovski and Allira and Isabella Fontana. Although the monologues are written by three different people, it gives an interesting spin on each image as each person is very unique in their writing style!

Alex first met Allira and Isabella during their high school days. Their love of the cartoon series Avatar The Last Airbender has sparked a life-long friendship. Alex enjoys writing in depth and unique monologues, usually drawing on his expertise from working at a book store.

As well as being the photographer behind the Canines of Character project, Allira does enjoy writing a few short but sweet monologues. You can read more about Allira by clicking here.

Don’t be fooled, Isabella may be Allira’s younger sister but she sure packs a punch when writing! Isabella is a primary school teacher by day and canine monologue writer by night. She keeps Allira in check and makes sure all written text is perfect for publication.